Five Reasons To Buy A Villa In Italy

Have you ever thought to buy a Villas in Italy? If so, have you hesitated about whether it should be in Italy or another European country? Have possibly worried about the language?

Well we went through all these thoughts when we first pondered the move. We got our globe out and immediately ticked off the places we didn’t want to go to. We then went to an international property fair and from that ticked off a whole load more places and under without really realizing it, Italy came out top of the list in all the areas we prioritized. We had been on holiday a number of times and always loved it so we came, we looked, we bought, we moved and we have had eight wonderful years here and intend having many more. Here are the five reasons why:

    1. The weather. It is warm most of the year, hot in July and August and can cold in winter but the cooler weather is welcomed and refreshing.


    1. The people. They are warm, charming, considerate and delightful. They love it when you try and speak their language and they are so patient in helping you along. They will go out of their way to assist with whatever the problem may be and they do it with such grace.


    1. The medical care. If you come from a European country, your care is covered and operates very similarly to the British National Health System. If not from Europe, you will presumably have medical insurance. Once in the system, our experience has been that the medical staff are thorough, helpful, patient, give you as much time as you need and waiting times are reasonable.


    1. The country and its history. It is so stunningly beautiful with a diversely interesting history which is to be seen everywhere and which means you will never be bored. Whether it is the ancient towns, art, the ruins or artifacts of the Etruscans or the Romans, the traditions which are regularly played out, there is always somewhere wonderful to go and something to see.


  1. The food – of course. The only way I can express it is to repeat what Marcella Hazan says in her book entitled ‘The Classic Italian Cookbook’ and that is ‘Nothing significant exists under Italy’s sun that is not touched by art. Its food is twice blessed because it is the product of two arts – the art of cooking and the art of eating. Not everyone in Italy may know how to cook, but nearly everyone knows how to eat. Eating in Italy is one more manifestation of the Italian age-old gift of making art out of life’.


And so here we are and for these reasons and many more, we love our life here. Buying a villa in Italy was one of the best decisions we ever made.



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