Women in the Lead Novita’S Female-Led Diamond Business

Novita’s female-led diamond business has been a success story for women’s empowerment. Novita is the first and only woman in her village to own a diamond trading business. She started this business in 2016 with an initial capital of Rs 50000, without any external help or support.

Novita’s ambition was to provide employment opportunities to other rural women and empower them financially and socially. Today, she employs over 20 local rural women from her village who experts train on how to cut diamonds and deliver quality products that meet international standards. With each passing year, Novita’s profits have grown exponentially due to the increasing demand for the polished diamonds she produces at competitive prices.

Her success has further inspired scores of young girls in her region to become self-reliant entrepreneurs and follow their dreams of achieving financial independence despite all odds.

Novita’s female-led diamond business is making waves in the industry, proving that women can lead and be successful. With a focus on providing ethically sourced diamonds to its customers, Novita has created an innovative approach to sourcing and selling essential stones. The company is led by three strong female entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping people find their perfect diamond with transparency and integrity.

Their commitment to ethical practices has earned them international recognition for being an environmentally responsible diamond provider. As more women take the lead in businesses around the world, it’s inspiring to see Novita setting a positive example of what’s possible when committed women join forces with a shared vision of success.

Are Novita Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Novita diamonds are a great alternative to genuine diamonds, and they offer many of the same qualities at a fraction of the cost. Novita diamonds are created using HPHT (high pressure-high temperature), which involves putting natural diamond crystals in an environment of extreme heat and pressure that replicates the conditions found deep within the Earth’s core. The result is stunningly beautiful jewellery with all the sparkle, fire, brilliance and hardness associated with natural diamonds – but without breaking your budget!

Novita diamonds come in various cuts such as round brilliant, fancy shapes and cushion cuts; their colours range from colourless to yellowish or brownish. They also have excellent clarity ratings ranging from flawless to slightly included depending on quality levels. In terms of durability, these man-made stones have a solid rating on the Mohs scale, making them suitable for everyday wear.

So if you’re looking for something special without paying top dollar for authentic diamond gems, then Novita could be just what you need!

What is the Price of Lab Grown Diamond in Hpht?

The price of lab grown diamonds in Hpht depends on various factors, such as size, shape and quality. Generally, its pricing will fall somewhere between naturally mined and synthetic diamond prices. While the exact cost of an Hpht-grown diamond may depend on the individual supplier or retailer you’re purchasing from, it can typically be found for around 30-50% less than mined diamonds.

This makes them a great option if you want to save money while still getting excellent quality stones. The process used to create these diamonds also helps to reduce environmental impact significantly compared to traditional mining methods.



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