How to Choose the Right Lab Grown Diamond for You

So, you are also planning for lab diamonds London Manchester? Sounds great! You are going to be the owner of a diamond ring for your wedding or engagement or any other event.

That’s cool. But you need to have some comprehensive ideas regarding the selection of the right diamond. Because you will get both natural and laboratory grown diamonds.

And which one is the best – this is a controversial question. But now, people prefer lab grown diamonds Melbourne for countless reasons. And if you are planning to get a lab grown gem, you must consider certain aspects.

Check them here.  

The shape

First, it is all about the shape of the lab diamond. Usually, lab diamonds are available in numbers of shapes and sizes. They are available in round, circular, or any other typical shape. But remember, not all the shapes are suitable for you.

Based on your personality and preference, you need to select the right shape. The best thing is to try the gem on a ring to measure which one suits you more. If everything goes fine, you can get the best shape of the diamond.

Budget matters

At the same time, you need to set a budget. The lab diamonds London Manchester are cheaper than the natural diamonds. But unless you are having a budget, you cannot have the right piece for you.

The prices of lab diamonds are lower but vary considering the cuts, size, shape, colour and more other aspects. Hence, you must have a budget prior to make the purchase. Experts recommend to check the prices before making a decision. It helps you to set your budget and adjust in other cases.

Know the 4Cs

You are purchasing lab grown diamonds Melbourne. Thus, you must have a solid idea about the diamond 4Cs. They are – cut, carrot weight, colour and clarity. Based on each of the features, the price, value and aesthetic of the diamonds are measured.

So, the cut of the diamond should be fine. It should also have a moderate level of clarity. The colour is usually dull. But when you are getting a lab diamond, you can get variation in colour. Finally, check the carrot weight. If everything is perfect, you can seal the deal.   

Check the certification

Experts also recommend to get a diamond only when you will have a certification. Without a certification, this is unwise to get a diamond ring or any other jewellery item. Because the certification ensures you that the diamond is ethical – it’s not a blood diamond.

Generally, the lab grown diamonds are certified. The certification will show you the origin, feature and other required information.  

Your preference

What’s more, you need to prioritize your personal preferences. You have a lower budget but you need a diamond ring. So, it does not mean you have to purchase whatever you get. Instead, consider all the aspects and make a perfect decision. Get the gem that suits you the best.


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