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What do you need to know about solar panels?

How cost-effective are solar power panels, all the details to pay attention to when installing them, how to ensure them and where it is best to place them are just some of the questions that can bother citizens who decide to create their energy source?

What should you pay attention to before deciding to set up a solar power plant?

Before installing a solar power panel, it is necessary to determine where the installation should be. More precisely, the roof on which the photovoltaic modules are placed must withstand the weight of the panel. In addition, the solar power plant needs to be synchronized with HEP’s electricity grid, and the photovoltaic system must be appropriately connected to the lightning protection installation.

How to choose a solar system?

The choice of personal system is best based on the monthly electricity consumption of the household in the higher, but also lower tariff in the last two years and the cost of the transmission and distribution network.

How much solar power does a four-member household need?

There are several parameters according to which the need for a four-member household would be determined. First of all, it depends on the location where they live and their total annual electricity consumption in kWh.

How long does it take to install solar panels on the roof?

The time required to install solar panels on the roof of a house or building largely depends on their size and can take from three to five days.

What type of roof is suitable for installing solar panels?

Panels can be installed on any roof that is not damaged. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the surface on which the collectors are installed is not shaded by tree canopies, an adjacent building or some other object.

How to position solar collectors to achieve maximum efficiency?

Collectors will have the best efficiency if they are placed on the southernmost possible side of the roof. In addition, the slope of the roof, i.e. the angle at which the sun shines on it, plays a significant role in their work. Ideally, the angle of inclination should be between 20 and 40 degrees.

Can solar cells damage the roof of a house?

No, solar collectors cannot do any damage to the roof. Their weight is minimal, only 15 kilograms per square meter.

How are the panels maintained, but also the whole system?

The panels themselves, as such, do not require any special maintenance. Occasional rain and precipitation remove all the dirt interfering with their work.

How to protect the solar system from freezing?

Low temperatures in winter do not damage the photovoltaic panels or the entire solar power system.

What is the lifespan of the panel?

The average lifespan of photovoltaic panels exceeds 25 years.

Do they lose their effectiveness with age?

Sure, but that decline is almost insignificant. After 12 years, they lose up to 10 per cent of their efficiency on average, and after 25 years, it can be reduced by 20 per cent.

Do solar systems work when it’s cloudy?

At night, solar power plants do not produce energy. They work from sunrise to sunset. On the other hand, they still perform their function on cloudy days, but their productivity is much lower.

Are solar systems also used during the winter months?

Of course, solar power plants also produce energy in the winter months. The only thing that can interfere with their work during this period is keeping the snow cover on them.

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